Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Headstones reveal another generation

Today in the mail I received photos I had requested from the Montefiore Cemetery in St. Albans, New York.  A postcard found among Helen Dershewitz' photos and papers had pointed the way to the burial place of Isaac and Rosa Singer, my great-grandparents.  The photos revealed simple headstones with Hebrew inscriptions.  It was exciting enough to actually find their burial location but as an added bonus the headstones' inscriptions also pointed to an older generation to add to my family tree.

The inscription on Rosa Singer's headstone said she was "Rahel bas (daughter of) Avraham Abba".  Since her maiden name was LEIBLER, I assume her father was Avraham LEIBLER.

The inscription on Isaac Singer's headstone said he was the "Son of Zvi".

Thanks to the staff at Montefiore Cemetery for taking the photos and Rachel Heller Bernstein for supplying the Hebrew translations.

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